How It Works is a simple printing service for Arch D sized (24"x36"), Arch C (18"x24"), Arch E1 (30"x42") and Arch E (36"x48") documents. No log-ins, no accounts or passwords are required.

Upload your PDF's, select the pages you want, tell us how many sets you need, checkout, and receive your prints via USPS Priority in in a week or less. Most orders go out in less than 2 business days. US Postal Addresses only.

Our process lets you chose just the pages you need from big sets, or print all of them. Just make sure each order contains files that are all the same print size, then print as many as you need. You can upload multiple files to select the pages you want and combine them in one order. It's that simple.

Payments and checkout are handled through Paypal. You do NOT need a Paypal account to use our service, but you do need a credit card. Having a Paypal account is recommended. We ship to the address you designate in Paypal.

This site can also be used by design professionals to conveniently ship building docs to others by simply changing the shipping address in PayPal for each order. is part of and is operated by egrafa, inc. Printing is processed in our indie print shop in Central PA. Payments are made to egrafa, inc., d/b/a